Software Development

Embedded Software Development

Neopartners Ltd. has many years experience of developing embedded software for 8051’s and derivatives. Very rugged parts are available with a wide range of peripherals including DAQ, ADC, CAN, RS232, Real Time Clock, counters and timers.

Using C and the Keil development environment the Neopartners team have developed software for data logging, actuation and control systems, memory based applications using FLASH memory, CAN based systems and MODbus based systems.

Higher level C++ middleware running on Linux and Coldfire targets have been developed to provide communications bridges between CAN and Ethernet. These also provide local node functionality. Typically sited in remote locations with difficult access these systems are remotely serviceable for software maintenance and adaptability.

User Interface Software Development

High reliability Windows based control, monitoring and communication systems is developed in C++ and C# with WPF/Silverlight using industry standard Microsoft development tools. Neopartners Ltd. has extensive in-depth experience with low latency, high speed, high reliability Windows interfaces to USB and CAN hardware.

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