Slickline memory tools

Slickline Memory Tools – The PTFC-350°

The PTFC-350° production logging slickline tools are a fully rated memory based system that offers excellent levels of performance and reliability. Over 65 man years of experience developing very high temperature rated tools have culminated in the PTFC-350° development.

Field proven to be reliable, field worthy and simple to use the Slickline tools PTFC-350° is available in two basic models – low pressure geothermal applications and high pressure oil & gas. Both are manufactured to exacting standards with all wetted parts conforming to NACE-MR-0175-2000.


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SRO Wireline Tools System - The PTFC-200°

SRO Wireline Tools System – The PTFC-200°

The PTFC-200 wireline production logging tool offers excellent levels of performance and reliability.

Technical Specifications


  • Tool diameter 63.5mm
  • Tool length 4.0 metres (max)
  • Temperature rating to 350°C
  • Pressure rating 60Mpam (higher available)
  • All wetted parts to NACE MR-0175-2000
  • Slickline operation

Pressure measurement

  • Strain gauge or piezo-resistive sensor with full thermal compensation and calibration
  • Full bridge at 3500 ohms
  • Range – to order
  • Accuracy – 0.1% FS (typical)
  • Resolution >0.01bar (16 bit)
  • Vibration
  • Endurance

Temperature measurement

  • Platinum RTD sensor
  • Calibrated temperature range - 25°C to 400°C
  • Bridge connected
  • Accuracy 0.4°C
  • Resolution >0.01°C (16 bit)

Depth System

  • 1000mm circumference wheel
  • Shaft encoder electrical connection to the surface unit
  • Local mechanical readout
  • 2 support wheels for running stability
  • Rides on cable with simple tie-down point


  • Operation manual
  • Servicing manual incorporating spares lists

Flow measurement

  • Spinner titanium impeller – 45mm dia, 100mm pitch (nominal)
    Precision ball bearings
    Reed switch detection with direction sensing


  • Standard Neo unit, field proven in 9-5/8’’casing @350°C


  • Simple, reliable - single field joint for internal access | Fully centralised as standard
  • Centralisers can be removed
  • Flow meter head options available
  • 350°C rating for 6 hours


  • Low power CMOS.
  • Full sensor signal conditioning.
  • Lithium Thionyl Chloride batteries

8Mbyte FLASH memory.

  • Full data set sampling rate - up to 10 per second
  • Sampling rate selectable from the surface
  • Real time clock for surface and downhole - synchronised to 8mS
  • Independent surface unit to acquire depth and surface
  • Laptop computer and data display software
  • Data output in CSV format.
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