'NASA on the Seabed'

23rd May 2012

A short animated movie has been launched to raise awareness of the country’s subsea industry which generates almost £6 billion in revenues and employs 50,000 people.

The showreel has been created using footage of member companies to capture the full spectrum of the subsea sector’s strengths and capabilities, reflecting the diversity within the industry and highlighting the career opportunities.

Supported with funding from Scottish Development International and DECC the movie showcase has been designed to raise awareness of the subsea industry across the board – from school children to government ministers.

The three minute video, featuring technological, underwater footage, shows the different parts of the subsea industry from seabed to surface and the cutting edge technology that has been described as “NASA on the seabed”.

Neil Gordon, chief executive of Subsea UK, the company behind the movie said: “This video captures what the subsea sector is all about.

“Building an understanding of our industry, particularly the diversity within it, is vital in order to gain the support required from government and academia to continue growing and developing.

“We need to reach out to and inform various audiences to attract skilled professionals and tomorrow’s workforce into the many job opportunities available in the subsea sector.

“The short film shows off the exciting developments and ground-breaking technological advances taking place under the North Sea and beyond, driven by British companies.”

The North Sea, the test-bed for subsea since the seventies and eighties, has become the global seat of subsea learning with an unrivaled range of expertise and experience.

The video is available on Subsea UK’s website: www.subseauk.com as well as on YouTube to view and download

Source: Roustabout Energy International, Issue 486

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