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26th October 2011

High reliability electronics provider, C-MAC, have announced the launch of their blog dedicated to high temperature electronics for the Oil & Gas industry.

Whether you are designing tools for operating temperatures over 200°c or intelligent completions requiring 10 years at 150°c, it is intended that this is the place to ask questions, share opinions and become more informed.

With a pedigree in Aerospace products spanning more than 60 years, C-MAC has maintained its position at the forefront of high reliability electronic components, modules and systems for applications in harsh environments. The blog provides a platform for discussions, opinions and news items, bringing up to date information to the growing high temperature electronics community in the Oil & Gas industry with an ever increasing need for maximum reliability.  New content and comments will be added regularly and C-MAC invite companies and individuals interested in these fields to participate with  thoughts, ideas, comments and questions.

“We wanted to introduce this new blog to share some of our knowledge and to engage all of you who are interested in this topic in discussions and in sharing ideas and opinions. Please read the articles and discussions and I look forward to hearing your thoughts, ideas, comments and questions.” Karen Oddey, CEO C-MAC Oil & Gas

Visit the blog: http://hitempelectronics.com/

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