Neopartners Ltd has developed seismic tools instrumentation suitable for permanent installation and has access to imaging techniques for microseismic and VSP applications. The objective of microseismic monitoring is to detect and spatially locate seismic events that occur in the formation surrounding the observation well.

We have four component seismic sondes of 1-11.16” (43mm) diameter that are designed to be permanently grouted into the observation wells and have a temperature rating of up to 200 °C.

The Neopartners team has over twenty years experience in high temperature applications of geophones, accelerometers and hydrophones for seismic applications. This includes the integration of 3 and 4 component packages that contain the electronics required for signal conditioning and cable driving.

This instrumentation is now delivered by parent company, Avalon Sciences – leaders in VSP and microseismic technology.

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