EAGE VSP seismic exhibition to be held in Malta

Avalon Sciences to exhibit at 3D VSP Workshop

8th April 2013

Borehole geophysics is a long-established branch of geoscience, dealing with the recording and analysing of downhole measurements of physical properties of the earth. Since the advent of underground measurements in mines in the late 1800s and the invention of the electric logging of boreholes in 1927 by the Schlumberger brothers in France, borehole geophysics has been evolving steadily into an essential tool in exploration for petroleum and mineral resources. While well logging and borehole seismic remain the two most commonly used methods in the petroleum industry, as we pass ‘peak oil’ other complex technologies are being increasingly used to maximise the returns from existing reservoirs, and to seek out previously undiscovered or uneconomic prospects.

Avalon Sciences Ltd will be exhibiting in the 2nd EAGE 3D VSP Workshop in St Julians, Malta, from the 21st – 24th April 2013.

On display will be their latest borehole seismic hardware including their new permanent seismic system, downhole repeatable sparker source and latest upgrades to our multilevel VSP Geochain system.

Registration can be found through the EAGE website. Click here for details.

Following the widely-acclaimed success of the first Borehole Geophysics Workshop that was held in Istanbul in 2011, the EAGE is hoping to build on this by organizing a second, four-day borehole geophysics workshop scheduled for Spring 2013 in Malta (21-24 April). Through technical and case-study presentations, the EAGE will provide a forum for wide-ranging discussions among diverse parties representing the major operators, contractors and academia from around the world.

The objective is to provide participants with an understanding of the current state-of-the-art and recent/ongoing technology development pertinent to the borehole-geophysics discipline, especially with regards to 3D VSP. Examples will be shared on what technology is commonly used today, what may be available in the near future, and what blue-sky research is being done to develop the tools and techniques to improve understanding of hydrocarbon reservoirs. In particular, it is widely recognized that 3D VSP data is a source of information that could be hugely beneficial in reservoir characterization and structural imaging, and yet consistent, reliable and timely results remain somewhat elusive; hence, participants will have a chance to witness first-hand the examination of the reasons for this shortcoming, and discuss whether the anticipated delivery of the potential of 3D VSP data is being constrained by fundamental issues, or whether the industry is getting close to fulfilling the promise. The workshop is therefore intended for all interested professionals and academics from the geoscience and engineering communities.

In addition to the technical program, there will be a number of social events allowing participants the time to renew old acquaintances and develop new contacts within the geoscience and engineering communities.

MAIN SPONSORS – Saudi Aramaco, BGP, Optasense, Halliburton, VSFusion, Sercel, Baker Hughes and Avalon Sciences Ltd.

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